Theme Update

I have updated the theme. I finally got everything to work. I am using the WordPress post formats which is how videos, images, etc look different. Almost like Tumblr but better. I had to remove the other themes I had to view the site with since I will need to update them a little (I got rid of some custom post types and opted for the post formats instead). Let we know what you think of the new look.

Restructuring inspiring Fandoms

While working on my portfolio website I had come across some great WordPress mods that I wanted to use on iF. This meant I would have to restructure the entire site, which is why I took it down for a time. Longer than originally planned. I was having a lot of trouble with the twitter feed, the custom post types (which would randomly just disappear for no reason) and getting everything to work together. So over two weeks later I am finally done.

If you had checked out the various themes the old version of iF , you may be disappointed to not see those themes here. Well I still have to rework those themes too. Now the theme option in the menu will take you to all the themes I have available for you to use, mainly on Tumblr. I do plan to add some WordPress themes too, as I complete my addon themes. The addon themes will be available to switch to in the sidebar when I have more than just this one complete.

I hope I have found on the glitches in the site but if you find one please let me know about it.